Smart Distribution Grid: a Market Driven Approach for the Next Generation of Advanced Operation Models and Services

It is a European research project supported by Horizon 2020 and developed by Enerim (coordinator – Finland), E-REDES (CNET and EDP Distribution), ISEP (GECAD), Lappeenranta University of Technology – LUT (Finland), VPS (UK), University of Leicester – UoL (UK), and University of Seville (Spain).

The DOMINOES project aimed to enable the discovery and development of new demand response, aggregation, grid management and peer-to-peer trading services by designing, developing, and validating a transparent and scalable local energy market solution. The market can be leveraged to share local value, increase renewable energy accessibility, and make better use of local grids by Distribution System Operators (DSO), Prosumers/Consumers, Energy Retailers and other key stakeholders. The project showed how DSOs can dynamically and actively manage grid balance in the emerging future where microgrids, ultra-distributed generation and energy independent communities will be prevalent. Best value will only emerge if these resources and stakeholders can be connected to both DSO activities and the centralized market mechanism. The architecture and services combined will help contribute to achieving the European Commission’s key energy-related targets. The project began in October 2017 and was concluded in June 2021.

As a conclusion from the DOMINOES project, the project main idea of the scalable local energy market solution is relevant for the future. The developed ICT architecture and market design, tools, and services were validated in a simulation environment and three validation sites, supporting the local market concept. The regulation environment is driving in the direction of involvement and engagement of end-customers and an increased role of DSOs in enabling flexibility provision. Regulation of the energy communities might be a key step for the local markets.

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