Smart Distribution Grid: a Market Driven Approach for the Next Generation of Advanced Operation Models and Services

It is a European research project supported by Horizon 2020, in which we will work with Enerim (coordinator – Finland), E-REDES (CNET and EDP Distribution), ISEP (GECAD), Lappeenranta University of Technology – LUT (Finland), VPS (UK), University of Leicester – UoL (UK), and University of Seville (Spain).

The DOMINOES project aims to enable the discovery and development of new demand response, aggregation, grid management and peer-to-peer trading services by designing, developing and validating a transparent and scalable local energy market solution. The project will show how DSOs can dynamically and actively manage grid balance in the emerging future where microgrids, ultra-distributed generation and energy independent communities will be prevalent.

The project will establish solutions for this challenge by addressing the following steps:
1. Design and develop a local energy market architecture;
2. Develop and demonstrate ICT components enabling the local market concept;
3. Develop and demonstrate balancing and demand response services supporting the local markets;
4. Design and validate local market enabled business models;
5. Analyze and develop solutions for secure data handling related to local market enabled transactions.

The project will deliver:
1. new business models for demand response and virtual power plant (VPP) operations;
2. tools and technology validation for demand response services;
3. services based on smart metering;
4. methods to utilize VPPs and microgrids as active balancing assets;
5. secure data handling procedures in local markets.

These results will be validated in three validation sites in Portugal and Finland. A DSO environment in Évora (Portugal), a VPP site distributed across bank branches in Portugal and a microgrid site in Lappeenranta (Finland).

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