The DOMINOES project will show that active consumers can truly and effectively play a considerable role in the energy markets. The project will provide a transparent architecture for local energy markets where consumers can interact and exchange energy and flexibility with other market stakeholders like DSOs, aggregators, retailers and other consumers in an easy and effective manner. Furthermore, and to support the successful implementation of this architecture, a set of innovative demand response and grid management services will be developed. The architecture and services combined will help contribute in achieving the European Commission’s key targets on greenhouse gas emissions, share of renewables and energy efficiency.

The technical core of the project – which is the DOMINOES system consisting of the local market architecture and demand response/aggregation services – will range from TRL levels 5 (technology validated in relevant environment) to 6 (technology demonstrated in relevant environment). The validation of technologies and services will be established in separate environments with detailed planning. Therefore the overall DOMINOES concept, including all the local market technologies, interfaces and service opportunities, as one integrated and validated entity will reach TRL level 4 (technology validated in lab).

The three validation sites are:

  • LUT laboratory facilities and test benches (a microgrid environment in Lappeenranta, Finland)
  • CNET validation site (a distribution grid environment in Évora, Portugal)
  • Virtual Power Plant validation site (an environment for VPP aggregation/balancing/demand response services, distributed across bank branches in Portugal)

The project is organized in 7 Work Packages as follows:

Project schedule and milestones: