The key technologies that were considered range from standards in modelling smart grid use cases (SGAM, IEC 62559) and information modelling (IEC 61970, IEC 61968) to information exchange and interoperability standards (IEC 62325). In addition, technologies related to smart contracts and secure communication, such as blockchain and onion routing were evaluated.
The key results include a reference architecture for the local market, its validation in three distinct test sites and the definition of a roadmap to market. The developed local market concept will empower prosumers to decide on the distribution of value of their energy resources while providing benefits also for the DSOs utilizing the concept. The enabling ICT component architecture, interfaces and components were developed. In addition, requirements and architectures for balancing and demand response services were developed and validated. Business models enabled by a local market were defined, analysed and validated. Furthermore, requirements and procedures for secure data handling were developed, validated and integrated to the overall concept.
The local energy market architecture and combined tools and services will help achieving the European Commission’s key energy-related targets by increasing the participation of consumers with self-consumption of PV and DR on energy markets thus reducing the need for carbon emitting controllable generation and by enabling the decrease of peak loads in distribution grids. Furthermore, the DOMINOES project contributed to the ongoing policy development in the field the design of the internal electricity market, retail market and ongoing discussions on self-consumption.
During the DOMINOES project, the European Commission published the Clean Energy Package, which has many reflections ton the scope of DOMINOES project. Energy communities are in a key role for the local markets. Renumeration mechanisms and regulation of DSOs should consider the use of flexibility for congestion management and for reliability and quality purposes. DOMINOES has created models and services for this future energy market environment.
The impact of the DOMINOES project solutions and interconnected local market concept can be significant for the energy system. By enabling active participation of the distributed energy resources, they become a valuable asset in the whole energy system, not just locally. DSO’s will have improved tools to host an increasing number of distributed energy resources.