D1.1 Local market reference architecture and business requirements

D1.2 ICT platform and connected energy network reference architecture design

D1.3 Use Cases and application scenarios requirements

D1.4 Implementation plan

D2.1 Enabling technology for transparent p2p energy markets

D2.2_Scalable Local Energy Market Architecture

D2.3 Scalable local energy market architecture (second release)

D2.4 Information exchange processes and solutions to integrate local and centralized energy markets

D2.5 Tools for local energy market and end-user interaction

D2.6 Design and Implementation of a Data Security Framework

D3.1 DR enabling services

D3.2 Demand Response modes of use from the DSO and energy provider perspective

D3.3 Report on DR at TSO and local levels

D3.4 Services for Customers Based on Smart Metering

D3.5 Report on aggregation based DR 

D3.6 Anomaly Detection Component

D4.1 Overview of the validation framework

D4.2 Secure data handling platform validation activities report

D4.3 Simulation results of the local market components and models

D4.4 Distribution grid and microgrid validation activities report

D4.5 Synthesis of the local market concept

D5.1 Formulation of alternative local market place enabled business models

D5.2 Integration scenario on wholesale, retail and ancillary energy markets

D5.3 Cost Benefit Analysis of the Business Models

D5.4 Roadmap to integrated energy market operation and management 

D6.1 Project website online

D6.2 DOMINOES international Workshop

D6.4 Dissemination Activity Report Year 1

D6.5 Dissemination Activity Report Year2

D6.6 Dissemination Activity Report Year3

D6.9 Standardization Proposals Year 1

D6.10 Standardization Proposals Year 2

D6.11 Standardization proposals Year 3

D7.1 Project guidelines