• Tri Fold (12-11-2018)
  • Flyer (24-10-2018)


  • The DOMINOES project – Validating the concept for local energy markets
    Poster in the Microgrid Symposium 2018, Bucharest, Romania, 2-6 September 2018


  • DOMINOES participated in the “Datahubs as enablers for local energy markets” IEEE PES GM panel session
    Our DOMINOES partner Empower, represented by its Development Director Jan Segerstam,has been invited to participate in a panel session titled ”Datahubs as enablers for local energy markets” organized by the AMPS Intelligent Systems technical committee in the prestigious IEEE PES General Meeting, Portland, US, early this August. He has given a talk on “The role of datahubs and data analysis in the transition towards local energy markets“. The panel has been moderated by Prof. Zita Vale and Ning Lu.
    IEEE PES GM 2018 talk, 15 August 2018
    Presentation link